Production Process

The best quality manufacturing activities go through various processes that determine their strength and flexibility. There are many manufacturing processes of steel around the globe. Currently being practiced such as Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), and Induction Furnace (IF).

Most of the steel manufacturing companies in the world are used, Induction Furnace. HM STEEL & INDUSTRY LTD has chosen Induction Furnace Process for steel making.


The benefit of using an induction furnace for steel making

  1. It has no electrodes and electric arcs which allow the production of steel & alloys low in carbon and occluded gases without any quality problems.
  2. Low melting losses & alloying elements.
  3. High power efficiency, therefore, is cost-effective.

Precise control of the operating parameters

  1. The quality of the manufacturing process depends on three major factors.
  2. Quality of raw materials
  3. Quality rolling mill that gives the uniform and proper shape for all rebars.
  4. Quality system for quenching and tempering.


Production Flow-Chart