Corporate Social Responsibility

We Just don’t build competence but also grow communities.

With rapid globalization, corporate mergers and restructurings, and growing concern for the global environment, business conditions and public attitudes toward corporations are undergoing significant change. In this context, HM Steel is working in various ways to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and serve its stakeholders, including customers, local communities, employees, and business partners.

The Mostafa Hakim Group Corporate Philosophy serves as the basis for further efforts on the part of the group as a whole to engage in CSR activities and enhance stakeholder satisfaction, with the aim of achieving sustainable development for both the group and society in general.

The group has established a CSR Committee that is in charge of determining policies related to corporate social responsibility and providing centralized implementation of CSR activities.

Our commitment to improving the food, shelter, medical, health, safety, and well-being of our community is unwavering and at the core of our activities. Our approach sees us working in close collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure maximum participation and consultation. This is reflected in our company values.


Empower the community economically and socially, including sustainable livelihoods.


Empower citizens with better health, education and employment opportunities, and encourage sustainable development in key areas.

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Religious Institution
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Safety and Environment
  • Sanitation Facilities
  • Corporate duties

List of organizations including activities run under Alhaj Mostafa-Hakim Welfare Foundation and Alhaj Hosne- Ara Manjur Welfare Trust.

  1. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Degree College, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  2. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim City Corporation, Maternity and Hospital, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  3. Bangabandhu Bangla vidyapeeth, Sardar Bahadur Nagar, Jahutala Bazar, Pahartali word, No. 13 Khulshi, Chattagram.
  4. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Charitable Hospital, Mansurabad, North Agrabad, Double Mooring, Chattagram.
  5. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Kinder Garden and High School, North Kattali, Akbar Shah, Chattagram
  6. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Kinder Garden and High school, New Mansurabad, Ferozshah, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  7. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Primary School, South Sonaichari, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  8. Rahmania Jame Mosque, Golden Bricks Ltd, Kumira, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  9. Uttar Kattali Sanad Dutta Public Mahasmashan, Uttar Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  10. Noorani Jame Mosque, Alhaj Abdul Hakim Maizbhandari (R.) Roade, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  11. Taiyyabia Jame Mosque, Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Degree college Road, North Kattali, Akbarshah chattagram.
  12. Gausul Azam Mosque, Sonaichari, Shitalpur, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  13. Alhaj Abdul Jalil Jame Mosque, Munsurabad, North Agrabad, Double Mooring, Chattagram.
  14. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim orphanage, Mostafa Hakim college Road, North kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  15. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Forkania Madrasha, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  16. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Forkania Madrasha Mostafa Hakim college Road, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  17. Taheria Hafezia Madrasha, Mostafa Hakim college Road, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  18. Ahmadiya Prayer House, 218 Dewanhat, Double Mooring, Chattagram.
  19. Muniria Prayer House, Jahanabad, Madam bibir Hat, Chattagram.
  20. Rahmania Prayer House, Shitalpur, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  21. Chistia Prayer House, Baraulia, Sitakunda Chattagram.
  22. Imam Abu Hanifa (RA.) Prayer House, Chhota Kumira, Chattagram.
  23. Ambia Khatun Forkania Madrasha, Munsurabad, North Agrabad, Chattagram.
  24. Hazrat Dal-chal Mia Forkania Madrasha, Kumira, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  25. Alhaj Samdu Mia prayer House and Hafezia Madrasha, Haji Masjid graveyard, Dewanhat, Double Mooring, Chattagram.
  26. Baitul Aman Nurani Madrasha, CDA Residential Area, Chararpar, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  27. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim water supply project, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  28. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim unemployed youth employment project, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  29. Siddique Akbar Jame Mosque, Eagle star Textile Mills Ltd. North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  30. Hazrat Omar Faruk Jame Mosque, Mostafa Hakim Baganbari R/A, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  31. 10 North Kattali ward office prayer house, North Kattali, Akbarsha, Chattagram.
  32. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Distressed and Elderly Medical Allowance Project, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  33. Masjid-A-Belal, Julda, Dangarchar, Chattagram.
  34. Sebakhola Kali Mandir, North Kattali, Chattagram.
  35. Mostafa Hakim Co-operative society, Dewanhat, Chattagram.
  36. Baitul-Mamur Jame Mosque, Dhunat, Gosaibari, Bogra.
  37. Champa-Yusuf Forkania Madrasha, Julda, Dangarchar, Chattagram.
  38. Alhaj Akkel Ali Saudagar Forkania Madrasha, Dewanhat, Double Mooring Chattagram.
  39. Afia Khatun prabeen Nibas (old age home) Dewanhat, Double Mooring, Chattagram.
  40. Arefin Nagar Hazrat Omar Faruk (R.) Jame Mosque, Jungle Salimpur, Chattagram.
  41. Nabi nagar Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Jame Mosque, Manikchhari, Khagrachhari.
  42. Masjid-A-Ayesha, Gaibandha.
  43. Hosne Ara Manjur Biddya Niketon, Seemana para, 1 No. Merung union, post office, upzilla-Diginala, Khagrachhari.
  44. Chhota Darogarhat Taher Manjur College, Bariyadhala 2 No. Union, Lalanagar, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  45. National Graveyard, Jungle Salimpur, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  46. Hazrat Mohchen Aulia Musafirkhana, Battali, Anwara Chattagram.
  47. Mother Teresa School Building, Khajurtali, North Kattali, Chattagram.
  48. Abdul Motaleb (R.) Jame Mosque, Salimpur National Graveyared, sitakunda, Chattagram.
  49. Alhaj Taher Manjur Islamia Sunnia Madrasha, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  50. Hosne Ara Manjur Forkania Madrasha, Julada Dangarchar, Karnafuli, Chattagram.
  51. Hazrat Fatema (R.) Forkania Madrasha, Salimpur National Graveyard, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  52. Minar-E-Mohammadia Ahmadia, Rahmania Alhaj Mostafa Hakim University College Road, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  53. Hosne Ara Manjur Jame Mosque, Matibhanga, union 15, Shiberhat, Sandwip, Chattagram.
  54. Akbarshah Central Shaheed Minar, North Kattali, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  55. Alhaj Taher-Manjur Jame Mosque, Golden Ispat Limited, Kumira, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  56. City Gate Public Toilet, City Gate, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  57. Hazrat Khawaja Osman Haruni (RA.) orphanage Building, Fauzdarhat, Chattagram.
  58. Modern Kitchen for mentally handicapped, Rufabad, Chattagram.
  59. Faizunnesa Jame Mosque, Kazipara, Kumira, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  60. Kumira, Mostafa Hakim graveyard, Kumira, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  61. Hazrat Jalal Uddin (M:G:A) Forkania Madrasha, Kumira, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  62. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim vocational Institute, College Road, North Kattali, Chattagram.
  63. Hazrat Khawja Mainuddin Chisthi (R.) Prayer House, Nana Tower, Dewanhat, Chattagram.
  64. Hazrat Sayed Imam Hossain (RA.) Hafezia Madrasha, Nagar Baish Mahalla, Chaitanyagali Graveyard, Station Road, Chattagram.
  65. Hazrat Imam Hasan (RA.) Orphanage, Nagar Baish Mahalla, Chaitanyagali graveyard, station Road, Chattagram.
  66. Ashekane Maizbhandari Rest house, Azimnagar, Rosangiri, Maizbhandar Road, Fatikchari, Chattagram.
  67. Hazrat Munsur Ali shah (R.) Shrine complex, Munsurabad, Double Mooring, Chattagram.
  68. Hazrat Abdullah (RA.) Jame Mosque, Kadam Rasul, Bhatiari, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  69. Central Oxygen system, upazilla Health Complex, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  70. Hazrat Gausul Azam Ahmadiya Rahmania Jame Mosuqe, Rosangiri, Azim nagar, Fatikchari, Chattagram.
  71. Minar-E-Hazrat Gausul Azam Ahmadullah Maizbhandari (KA.) Rosangiri, Azim nagar, Fatikchari, Chattagram.
  72. Syedpur No.1 union Alhaj Mostafa Hakim welfare foundation Badarkhal Bridge project-1, Sitakunda, Chattagram.
  73. Hazrat Osman Gani (RA.) Prayer House, Mutual Jute, city Gate, Akharshah, Chattagram.
  74. Hazrat Ma Halima (RA.) Prayer House, Para Dagar Matwail, Demra, Dhaka.
  75. Hazrat Fatema (RA.) Prayer house, No. 1 Bricks Dangarchar, Julada, Karnafuli, Chattagram.
  76. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim ‘Corona’ Isolation center, uttar Kattali Alhaj Mostafa Hakim college, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  77. Baitul Mamur Jame Mosque, Chandanbaisha, Union, ward No. 7, Village-Gugumari, upzilla, Sariakandi, District-Bogra.
  78. Hosne Ara Manjur Forkania Madrash, Chandan baisha union, ward No-7, Upzilla-sariakandi, District-Bogra.
  79. Gausul Azam Maizbhandari street light Development project, Fatikchari, Chattagram.
  80. Hazrat Abdul Hakim Maizbhandari Daira sharif, Mostafa Hakim college Road, Akbarshah, Chattagram.
  81. Alhaj Mostafa Hakim Housing Project, 218 DT Road, Dewanhat, Chattagram.

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