Our Inspiration & Leadership

From Chairman Desk

Alhaj Mohammad Manjur Alam

(Former Mayor-Chattogram City Corporation)
HM Steel & Industry Limited
Managing Director 
Mostafa Hakim Group

HM steel has always been committed to coordinating economic, social and environmental growth as one of Bangladesh’s most established steelmakers and integrated service providers.

Looking back on our journey over the past few years, the economic climates over the country have been extremely capricious and complicated while the steel industry has been challenged by uncommon difficulties. We, the HM steel people, rising to such challenges with our dedication and Unity, managed to make breakthroughs by virtue of innovation end transformation and sustained the strong market competitiveness.

The HM steel people have strived towards this goal. In the last year, HM steel’s primary operation in steel effectively addressed the severe market challenges and stayed ahead in the domestic industry by focusing on areas such as improvement of industrial layouts, adjustment of product mix, optimization of cost performance, technological innovation and overall competitiveness. In collaboration with the main sectors and making solid progress in their industrial development, we would like to improve our friendly relationships with all of our supply chain customers, as well as our colleagues and other parties. We shall take on our social responsibility together and create a new chapter for the national steel industry.

HM steel will maintain its “X-PERT products” strategy, implement innovation-driven transmission, and create a future-oriented core function in order to better fulfill our duties and expand our capabilities.

From Managing Director Desk

Alhaj Mohammad Nizamul Alam

Alhaj Mohammad Nizamul Alam

Managing Director
HM Steel & Industry Ltd.
Mostafa Hakim Group

I welcome you on behalf of HM Steel & Industry Ltd. and thank you for showing your interest in us. Allow me to introduce our organization to provide a better understanding of our team, capabilities, and scope of business.

Meeting the challenges, providing customers with services that exceed expectations and continually exploring new business opportunities has allowed us to stride more consistently on the road toward success.

HM Steel has always been acutely aware of the need to evolve to maintain its own relevance in the ever-changing world.

Today’s business demands overall credibility and speed of execution more than ever. Dedicated to performance and productivity, our dedicated teams of employees are working hard every day to ensure that HM Steel meets the highest standards of quality while always keeping the social environment and cost factor in perspective. To achieve our objective of customer satisfaction, we encourage our employees to develop new ideas and put fresh approaches into practice.

We recognize that there is always more that can be done. Keeping our eyes firmly on the demands of the future, we are constantly striving to become a symbol of corporate excellence benefiting every stakeholder and every member of the community we connect with.

Thank you for your interest